Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Data is the fuel for new economy

Organizations often take for granted the wealth of data they have accumulated over the years and the invaluable insights and lessons that can be gained from analyzing the data the right way. Customer Data, User Data, Web Data, Behavioral Data, Employee Data, Product Data, all of which can provide analysis critical for ROI.

We offer

  • Identify Data Sources for your Business.
  • ETL service in a Common Data Warehouse.
  • Cleanse the Data and Consolidate.
  • Use Statistical Modeling to Extract Valuable Insights.
  • Leverage Machine Learning Algorithms to Find Hidden Lessons.
  • Learn ,Act & Iterate.
  • Identify significant patterns and trends you can act on.

SID Information Technology is a service startup with expertise on cutting technologies which disrupt today’s software ecosystem and thereby help several product startups to go to market quickly.

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